Little Women the Musical

Song Samples



Here are snippets from some of the songs in Little Women the Broadway Musical. You will need the RealAudio plugin to play them. These samples are now also available as mp3s, if you prefer, but they will take longer to download and play. The mp3s will open in a new window.


Music by Jason Howland; Lyrics by Mindi Dickstein.

Better—Jo March (Sutton Foster) is decidedly unhappy when Professor Bhaer criticizes her latest "blood and guts" drama.

"Better" mp3


Operatic Tragedy—While rehearsing Jo March's latest play at Christmas time, the four March sisters dream of a life without poverty after Jo becomes successful.

"Operatic Tragedy" mp3


Here Alone—Marmee (Maureen McGovern) writes a letter to her husband, who is off serving in the Union Army during the Civil War.

"Here Alone" mp3


Take a Chance on Me—Next door neighbor Theodore Laurence the Third, aka "Laurie" (Danny Gurwin) convinces Jo they should hang out together and become friends.

"Take a Chance on Me" mp3


Astonishing—Jo (Sutton Foster) decides to leave Concord, MA for New York City to pursue her dreams. (This is the "thrilling" first act finale noted in's Insider Column.)

"Astonishing" mp3


Some Things Are Meant to Be—Jo (Sutton Foster) and Beth (Megan McGinnis) indulge in fantasies and reflect on the inevitable while flying kites at the seashore.

"Some Things Are Meant to Be" mp3


How I Am—Professor Bhaer (John Hickok) tries to write a casual letter to Jo March, but fails miserably.

"How I Am" mp3


Days of Plenty—Marmee (Maureen McGovern) tells Jo how she copes with Beth's passing.

"Days of Plenty" mp3




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