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1. How long is the performance?

The show runs approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes, with a 20 minute intermission.

2. What is the recommended viewing age?

While Little Women the Broadway Musical is great family-friendly entertainment, some of the events in the play might be too intense or upsetting for younger children. Parents will need to use their own discretion in making this decision, but as a general rule children who are middle school-aged and up should enjoy themselves immensely.

3. Where Can I buy the Cast Recording?

3. Where Can I buy the Cast Recording?
It's available at your local music store, including FYE. Or you can order it straight from Ghostlight Records!

4. Where can I get LWTM merchandise online?

From our friends at the Broadway Connection! You can visit the Little Women Giftshop by clicking on

5. Will the tour of LITTLE WOMEN THE MUSICAL be coming to (my city)?

LITTLE WOMEN is currently booked for 30 cities over a 49 week tour. As we at the website obtain specifics about each date and venue, we will post it here. Whether it is coming to a city near you, we donít know, as we have posted whatever we currently have. We update the list weekly, so if you donít see anything new, itís because we werenít given anymore info that week.

6. Where can I find sheet music to LITTLE WOMEN?

Vocal selections have been published through Cherry Lane Music. You can get individual songs through various sheet music stores, both online and in Real Life.

7. Are the RIGHTS to perform LITTLE WOMEN available for (Amateur/Professional/International) productions?

Stock and amateur performance rights for Little Woman are licensed by Music Theatre International:

8. Who will be performing in the National Tour?

Here's a link to the National Tour cast!

9. Will the LITTLE WOMEN tour be casting for replacements at any time?

While the tour is cast at this time, any casting announcements will be made on our tour producerís website-

10. My questions still have not been answered. Where should I write?

Send your questions to . We will either try to answer you directly, or forward your question onto the appropriate person.



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